About Us

FosterFurkids.com is an online network connecting rescues and shelters with pet fosters throughout the United States.

Finding foster homes for unwanted and abandoned pets is a constant challenge. Many people would love to foster but are unaware of the great need, or even where to start. FosterFurkids.com is here to change that.

Fostering a pet not only saves a life, but it provides an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of an animal without the expense and long-term commitment. Fosters provide a safe, loving and stable environment for homeless pets which helps prepare them for their forever homes.

Rescue organizations supply pet food, bedding, collars, bowls, leashes, cat litter and veterinary care for pets in foster care.

Some pets need help with training, medical issues, rehabilitation, behavior and/or socialization. Some are shy, scared and/or stressed and need a quiet place to reside until they are adopted.

Every pet placed in a foster home, opens up valuable space for a rescue organization to take in another shelter animal before they are euthanized.