How it works

Being a pet foster takes time, dedication, and genuine caring. It can be a big commitment, but there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have helped save a life. It’s a shorter-term commitment than adopting, and you can choose how often you do it.

Does it cost me anything?

No. One of the benefits of fostering is that you get the perks of pet ownership without the costs. Rescue groups supply pet food, bedding, leash & collar, bowls, litter, and cover veterinary care, so you don’t incur any financial expense. If you are interested in caring for a pet but are not in a financial place to be able to afford one, fostering is a great option. Some rescues may even offer to pay a weekly or monthly foster fee for harder to place pets, including those with medical issues or who need a little extra attention.

Paid and volunteer fosters

Depending on the rescue organization, as an alternative to boarding, they may be able to provide a small fee for fostering a pet. This may be the only option for harder to place pets or those who need extra attention. Please keep in mind, getting paid to foster is not about making a quick buck. You must have genuine affection for and experience with animals, submit to a home check and foster application. Please keep in mind most rescues are not for profit and rely on donations to fund their operations. does not get involved in any monetary transactions. Any foster fees and payments are negotiated directly with the rescue organization and/or shelter. Of course, if you are able to foster animal without compensation, you are needed now more than ever!

Ready to Become a Foster? Sign up and set up your profile.

Once you sign up with you can set up your foster profile, and specify what type of animal(s) you would like to foster, size, age, breed, temperament and other preferences. Your profile will be accessible to rescues and shelters, who can send a foster inquiry and alert you via email when they are in need of a foster home. You can then decide if you are able to help by temporarily fostering an animal. You can foster as often as it suits your lifestyle. No matter where you live you can join our network and help save lives.