Finding Fosters

Rescues and Shelters can find fosters two ways. By uploading pets in need of foster homes to our searchable database, or by searching registered fosters.

1) Post pets in need of foster homes

Similar to pet adoption sites, people looking to foster a pet can search our database to find available dogs or cats in need of foster homes. Rescues/shelters can add a pet by creating a pet profile, and include, pictures, video, and even a donate button. Foster inquiries are sent directly to the rescue or shelter via the contact form on the pet’s profile page.

2) Search registered fosters

Rescues and shelters can search for registered pet fosters. To search for fosters simply enter your zip code and the search results will display all pet fosters within a 50 mile radius. Rescues and shelters can view each foster’s profile details, contact information, specific pet preferences, reviews, and other information to decide whether at particular foster is a good match. Fosters can be saved to your own personalized foster list. Rescues and shelters are responsible for vetting fosters.

Foster Management Dashboard

With the Pet Foster Management Dashboard rescues and shelters can track pets in active foster homes, manage saved fosters, create reports and more.

Searching Pet Transporters

Rescues and Shelters can also search pet transporter profiles. To search for transports simply enter the zip code of the location where pets will need to be picked up or the location where they need to be dropped off. Search results will display all pet transporters with a 25 mile radius. To narrow your search you may select advanced search criteria.