offers rescues and shelters the ability to post animals in need of fosters to our publicly searchable database, as well as search profiles of available pet fosters and transport drivers in their area.

How does it work?

Rescues and Shelters that have signed up with can find foster homes in two ways:

1) Posting available pets to’s searchable database

Similar to pet adoption sites, people interested in fostering a pet can search our database to find available dogs or cats in need of fostering. Foster inquiries are sent directly to the rescue group or shelter via the contact form on the pet’s profile page.

2) Searching pet foster profiles enables both volunteer and paid fosters who are interested providing foster homes to sign up and post their profiles on our site. This unique feature is only available and visible to rescues and shelters. To search for fosters simply enter your zip code and the search results will display all pet fosters within a 25 mile radius. Rescues and shelters can view each foster’s profile details, availability, pet preferences, accommodations, reviews, and other information to decide whether a particular pet foster fits your needs.

Volunteer fosters vs. Paid fosters

Although fosters are typically volunteer based, due to the shortage of available fosters, some rescues are turning to paid fosters as an alternative. By offering to pay fosters a small weekly or monthly fee ($70-$75/week) rescues are able to find more foster homes for harder to place animals, including pets with aggression, behavioral or medical issues. It’s also a less expensive and preferable alternative to boarding animals at a kennel. Rates and payments are negotiated between the foster and rescue organization or shelter.

What if my rescue or shelter can’t afford to pay a foster?

Foster Fund Pledges

Rescues and shelters can solicit donations and pledges to help pay for animals in need of urgent foster homes. Donors can pledge a specific dollar amount as a one-time donation or a reoccurring contribution towards a specific animal’s foster fund, through an optional "Donate" button on a rescue or shelter’s pet profile page.

Searching pet transporters

Rescues and shelters can also search for pet transporters to pick up dogs or cats that need to be pulled from animals shelters, and driven to foster homes or the vet. To search for transports simply enter the zip code of the location where pets will need to be picked up or the location where they need to be dropped off. Search results will display all pet transporters within a 25 mile radius.